Friday, May 06, 2005

Election Results 2005

Me old mate Mark Leech indeed WON WITHINGTON!! Just as Tony and Gordon
predicted in their email! A 14% swing, no less.

So mine wasn't an insignificant prediction. Bradley held here for 8 years,
and his office opposite my road is just across from the Conservative club.
There is no Lib Dem equivalent.

I wanted to bet £20 he'd win it, but I couldn't, because it wasn't even in
the list of marginals!

Instead, I bet on a majority of 1-60 seats, at 8-1. 61-80 was 5-1 I think.
The majority is 66! Damnit. I'm pretty good though, you must admit..

As for voting Conservative in High Lane..
"A slim Conservative majority of 929 was swamped by a 12.9% swing to the
Liberal Democrats on May 1 1997, and Andrew Stunell’s winning margin of
11,814 was his party’s third largest."

There was just a 1% swing LibDem to Conservative this year. The electorate
have spoken! And they said, "Shove your xenophobic corporatism up your

Not only have you voted for the Conservatives, you've voted for Michael
Howard, who was responsible for the biggest piece of gay-bashing legislation
of recent times! He still believes that people can be persuaded to be gay!

Which - frankly I agree with, but I differ on whether that's good or not!

I think voting Tory is criminal. And criminals don't get a vote. So you
can't vote next time, K?

This was a party political broadcast on behalf of Pharkie