Monday, December 04, 2006

World population: 24 billion

I read today that there are more chickens than there are humans. I thought "really"?! And actually, the world population of chickens in 2003 was 24 billion. So officially maybe 4 chickens for each of the 6 billion living humans on the planet.

There'll be many species greater in number than humans.. but you'd expect them to be smaller than chickens??

Wikipedia states that eggs in shops are likely to be fertilized - but other expert sources disagree. Bit of a chicken and egg situation here..

Wikipedia on Eggs
Wikipedia on Chickens


Arclin said...

It amazed me the other day that there are 700million transistors on the new GeForce 8 GPU. I mean who has the time to stick 700 million on?

Jeff said...

World Population Future Projection.