Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogs are dead. Long live blogs!

Bizarrely close to exactly two years since my last post on this blog, it's time to revive it! Not in quite its previous form. The things that interest me now are slightly different to the things on my mind all that time ago, though perhaps more an evolution than a revolution.

Who said blogs aren't relevant in today's Twittery Facebook-soaked world? I probably did. But here goes an experiment in changing my mind.

And what better time to start blogging again than as I head off into what will hopefully be a pretty strange period of my life? Having resigned my full-time job recently with no job to go to and only a vague sense I want to enact some kind of interesting change, I'll post here my thoughts as I go.


Duncan said...

First post woo!

Richard said...

Duncan exists woo!

Pharkie said...

Richand + Duncan posted comments on my blog woo!