Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Webcameron coverage of the MMC rally


It really is a horribly cringe-making speech at our rally..

"There must be a way of treating people as if they're humans, not making them apply via a computer" .
I really think the biggest employer in Europe could do with a (decent) computerised job-application system. He alludes to the idea that we'll go back to warm and fuzzy reputation/tradition-based recruiting, but he knows they need a computer system to do it. He doesn't deal with that head-on, he trots out a glib 'HUMANS NOT COMPUTERS' line.

"Spending not on political priorities ahead of clinical priorities"
Pretty much any decision in the NHS, given it involves allocating taxpayers money, is political. Is he advocating lower accountability to voters?

"Spending money on computers rather than patient care."
I mean you can't lose with that one can you? 'I HAVE A PATIENT DYING OVER HERE!' 'Why don't you buy an iPod?' 'BUT HE'S DYING!' 'It plays movies too!'

But what about when you can't access the right records, when paper-based admin takes 4 x longer than its electronic equvalent? IT reform is urgently needed in the NHS and failing to acknowledge that reality to make a fluffy/telling you what you want to hear statement is cowardice.

"After 10 years of Labour .. we're having hospital closures"
Yes, but to specialise departments so that they serve people better. The era of the 'general hospital' is over and the very professionals Cameron is claiming to listen to are saying that too. Spending on the NHS itself is at record-levels and the Conservatives will never support that.

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