Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dear Lord Attlee

"Dear Lord Attlee,

I note you recently mentioned the '' website during a
speech in the Lords. You wanted to test whether people are watching -
and seemed disappointed at the lack of direct response to previous
publication of your details.

I just wanted praise your knowledge of the mySociety services such as - and confirm that real people do use them and watch
what's going on!

While I'm here, may I request you continue to block ID cards, reassess
your attitude toward the hunting ban but continue to support laws aimed
at preventing climate change. The main thing of course is to vote toward
equal gay rights when the matter comes up, which you've neglected to do
so far. Perhaps it's because you're a Conservative:
no-one's perfect.

Yours sincerely,


Earl Attlee replied:

"Yes but at least we supported most of the Civil Partnerships Act!"

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