Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Geography quiz

28/44 = 64%

Avg error: 233 miles

Time: 415 secs

It's a bit unfair with how specific you need to be with the tiny 'dot'
states. And I didn't realise you could expand the window!

Good quiz tho! I forgot Liechtenstein existed, it's so tiny on me map. And
Monaco! Serves them right for not being in the EU.

Easy? Andorra, or 'shrub-covered land' - I must admit I was barely aware of
its existence..?

I thought Luxembourg was a bit small and insignificant, but now I know that
Europe's real small states are Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, Liechtenstein
and San Marino! There's certainly room to question the sovereignty of these

I didn't know Monte Carlo was in Monaco =:-o

Must try harder =:)

OK I'm back after a few more goes.

I noticed that quiz is ‘level 3’, which is pretty hard - but do you know it goes up to LEVEL NINE???

OMG - even I’m not that masochistic.

OK OK I'm back.

I got 85% on level 8..  (I was lying about the masochistic bit)

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