Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Prejudice test 
"Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Young relative to Old"

"Your data suggest little or no automatic preference for GAY PEOPLE relative

Is it me or does this test have so many flaws I wouldn't even know where to
begin?! It's about as scientific as a polo mint. But fun all the same..

I must admit, I found it a mental struggle to associate 'good' with 'old' or 'evil' with 'young', and much easier for the opposite. But 'old' doesn't just relate to people. Old cars, old sofas and old bibles (heh) are uniformly less 'good' than 'young' ones.

I found it easier to say Gay = Good. This was compromised by involving LESBIANS tho.. Many (most?) of the symbols were female/female, and that isn't 'gay' to me. I'd have a much stronger instinct towards e.g. two greek male symbols as Good. One of the people in the 'gay wedding' looked like a transvestite??

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