Wednesday, April 13, 2005

LGB electioneering

"Why should the LGB community vote for you?”


Doctor Phill Edwards, BNP National Press Officer was very quick of the mark,
with this response:

“Prior to 1967 homosexuality was a crime and led to prison. It is unnatural
and an undesirable lifestyle which can only be remotely tolerated if the
current law is obeyed i.e. consenting adults IN PRIVATE. The constant
promotion of this queer lifestyle on TV, soaps, radio, news papers etc as
something which it is not - equivalent to heterosexism (sic) - drains my
tolerance and I find the entire topic revolting, disgusting and scary.
Queers should remain celebate and don't talk about it. You should all be
ashamed of yourselves."
Dr Phill Edwards. BNP National Press Officer.

Looks like he didn't read the question?? If it were me, I'd have said E.g.
"Do what you like in private, but vote for us because we're anti-Europe".
But no!

It's one thing to be a bigotted, anachronistic, naïve fool - but another to
be incompetant at your main job!

I'm sure you've spotted lots wrong with his comment already, particularly
the poor English, but I thought it worth pointing out that homosexuality was
not illegal prior to 1967. The first real legislation was Henry VIII's
'Buggery Act' that buggered buggery from 1533.

So even being generous - it was illegal in the larger part of the world, for
about 450 years out of the perhaps 2 million year history of humanity.
Something of a temporary blip?

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